Changing the hospitality industry with Reputami.

Todays travellers are driven by online reviews for hotels and restaurants. This puts hospitality experts all over the world in a completely new situation. They now have to keep an eye on every online review about their venue in order to keep their good reputation and business. Reputami assists in this daily challenge.

What is Reputami?

Reputami is an Online Reputation Management Service for hotels and restaurants. Reputami collects all online reviews for a monitored venue from all kinds of review portals, location based services and social media to make them easily accessible.

Rich Guest Profiles help hotel managers to get to know the people behind the reviews and even enables them to know the social influence of the upcoming guests.

Reputami Dashboard and Guests on Site view

The Logo

The most important part of any corporate identidy is the Logo. For Reputami we went through countless iterations to find the perfect logo mark and font.

Reputami Logo Contruction

The corporate identiy

Creating the look and feel of your own company is the most challenging task. For me it even felt way more challenging than any branding project I did before. But I truly love the final designs.

RReputami Logo Contruction
Reputami Logo Contruction

The User Interface

While building quite a complex system in the background it was crutial to design an user interface that even a busy hotelier and stressed restaurant manager loves to use. It had to be simple, yet elegant and fun.

The Reputami Userinterface

Rich Guest Profiles

Reputami is the pioneer in delivering Rich Guest Profiles that help hospitality experts to deliver an even better service to their guests.

Rich Guest Profile Illustration

Illustrating the Main Features

For the Reputami Website I've designed six specific illustrations visualizing the six main features of Reputami.

Reputamis Main Features illustrated

I've helped Reputami to become the best Reputation Management Service for hotels.

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